Migrated a Los Angeles enterprise from IBM Connections to MS SharePoint 2013

IBM Connections is a leading social network platform that helps users in organizing and engaging people, accelerating and delivering relevant content. Early this quarter Vishwak Solutions successfully migrated thousands of corporate communities and internal blog sites of a Los Angeles based enterprise from IBM Connections to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 in weeks. Vishwak Solutions has been servicing the client in their SharePoint development & test engineering efforts for many years.

Vishwak’s Social media team studied the available migration tools in the marketplace and selected Dell Social Migrator for SharePoint because of its proven scalability.

Dell Migrator

Dell Migrator

Each corporate communities contained many number of team discussions, 1800 users for each community and nested categories.  Vishwak’s social team analyzed and created community a site mapping template in SharePoint 2013 and brought in all the contents that were published in IBM Connections. In Phase 2, 1000+ blogs including posts, comments, categories, images were migrated to Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Phase 1 & 2 involved converting entire communities, their structure, content and connections to SharePoint team sites. Recreating user permissions, document permissions and metadata in the target SharePoint environment. Vishwak’s testing team validated that all rich text, attachments, document links and metadata were preserved by both dipstick sampling through manual testing and for critical sites automated script based test runs

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