Tamil typing on Windows Phone 8 made possible

Windows Phone 8 devices supports reading of Tamil language texts in Unicode, but currently it doesn’t include any keyboard (IME) to type on this language. In a desire to fill the gap, Vishwak has developed a free App to allow typing in Tamil language.

The app allows you to use the basic touch keyboard, type the text in Tamil and copy the typed text to clipboard. Once the text is copied you can switch to any app of your choice & paste the text. The app is live and available for free download from Windows Phone store (India, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, UK).

As a result of our R&D we have released an update to the existing app with a new feature of selecting different keyboard layouts (Tamil99, INSCRIPT & Unicode)


The app was developed using C# & XAML. We are aware the experience is not smooth switching between Tamil & English and few situations, but unfortunately we were constrained due to platform restrictions for IMEs and had to develop this around those limitation. We continue to do our R&D on the easy toggling options between keyboards.

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