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We engaged Vishwak over couple of years ago at the onset of our ideation stage for our startup PupilMentor and it has been a pleasure to work with them ever since. Their technical adaptability & versatility in understanding our evolving needs right from the get-go really helped us get our PupilMentor startup idea off the ground and implement a marketplace platform on the web as well as iOS App Store.

Venkatarangan guided the team on industry best practices while the technical team led by Sheik using Agile methodology in a DevOps mode working closely with their Mobile team delivered constant product refinements and ever increasing features set in a timely manner.

We continue to work with them on an on-going basis for fixes and upgrades etc. and would highly recommend Vishwak’s team for any future product development work.

 – Srini Santhanam, Founder & CEO, Pupil Mentor (California)

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