Why JQuery?

Vishwak’s Web Labs frequently evaluate and select latest tools and technologies to improve our internal efficiency and productivity. As part of this continuous process we recently evaluated few of the newer technologies in this case JQuery. This document scope is to share the observations.

JQuery is a small library based on few very simple intuitive principles.  Working with RAW JavaScript or DOM Programming does bring-in its challenges while handling the browser-specific quirks. JQuery provides quiet a few utilities to help working in browser agnostic environments.  JQuery library strikes right balance between size, feature set and ease of use.The document provides a brief about the observations recorded during the evaluation the team had carried-out on the JQuery v1.3.1. The initiative has been to evaluate how efficiently we can use the JQuery with-in a boundary of certain parameters the analysis has been carried-out under.

Download: Why JQuery – a whitepaper from Vishwak Solutions.pdf

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