Review of Top Style 3.5

Vishwak’s Web Labs recently evaluated Top Style 3.5 from NewsGator. This whitepaper’s scope is to share the observations. Apart from the regular web pages editing feature this tool has, this document provides a brief about the observations recorded during evaluation the team had carried-out on Top Style 3.5. The initiative has been to evaluate how efficiently we can use Top Style 3.5 with-in a boundary of certain parameters the analysis has been carried-out under.
Top Style 3.5 is  code centric rather than WYSIWYG editor with integrated support with preview for different browsers. Its features include HTML, XHTML, CSS editing with standards and browser compatibility checking with W3C CSS specifications to different browsers. It also supports converting HTML styling to CSS, converting HTML to valid XHTML. It also integrates with HTML Tidy, W3C validation services with other third parties.

Download: WhitePaper by Vishwak Solutions on TopStyle 35.pdf

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