Election 2011 site powered by Vishwak Portal Framework

Maalai Malar Tamil evening daily from the prestigious Malar Publications have launched Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011 Portal.  The portal has all the required information on Assembly Election for last 2 to 3 tenures.  The users are given full blown map to select a particular constituency and the system unveils the entire details about that constituency. The users can  get up-to-date information on what is happening currently from schedule to actual visual clippings of the campaigning at each constituency, party history, candidate history, Constituency details, who is the current/sitting MLA, the population, the new contestants and so on.  The users can also participate in Virtual voting at each constituency and can virtually arrange their favourite winning alliance which is based on the votes casted against each party in the last election.

Vishwak Solutions is pleased to announce that Maalaimalar.com’s Election Portal is developed & deployed in 4 weeks time due to Vishwak Portal Framework (VPF) customizable content delivery module.

TN Assembly Election 2011- home page 2

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