Vertical solutions: Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector has its unique challenges and focus areas. As per recent survey, the following are the main areas of focus for manufacturing companies in North America.

Increase operational efficiency

Improve collaboration and communication

Manage the production process better

Reducing cost through technology

Use analytics to pick critical insights that can add value to their customers

This is a time when manufacturing industry is facing challenges like commoditization of products, threat from competing products, pressure on margins that need to be applied both at the procurement of materials to consumer price point. Many companies have understood that these issues can be addressed through innovative technology solutions. Vishwak understands these challenges well and has developed software solutions through effective choice of technology and implementing the right solutions that fit your business, operational needs.


Vishwak specializes in the below areas which are of great value to its manufacting clients.

- Microsoft SharePoint is best suited to address the need for an effective collaboration of workforce and also improving communication between teams that are spread, significantly

Be it working together in a project across teams, or work in contracting between departments; or sharing of intelligence, contacts, and ideas, SharePoint collaboration can give you significant milege in your operations. Vishwak’s SharePoint solutions team have deployed numerous SharePoint solutions across the globe. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Vishwak has gained siginficant cross functional/industry experience/insights, and knows these best practices of various organizations; so if you are looking at a SharePoint solutioning and implementation expert, you will derive a lot of value in working with us.


- Microsoft BizTalk Server implementation: This will help you automate your business processes, provide business to business communication, and also in your enterprise application integration.

Through this we can help build solutions faster, that has direct impact on your savings. Even if you are running your enterprise with multiple servers, we will help you integrate those seamlessly and also help manage the load and availability factors for you, with greater efficiency. Our Microsoft BizTalk server team was able to successfully integrate applications across Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Server Azure for various clients over the last 4 years.


- Enterprise mobility: Every manufacturing enterprise is in need of building enterprise mobility, right from picking up intelligence just with a touch on your mobile, or about knowing various critical touch points in the manufacturing processes, or be it sales information across various outlets, across sales teams, across geographies. Building smart dashboards will help you to pick the right insights from the data points presented through convenient and user-friendly dashboards.

That’s the reason why one of the world’s best automobile manufacturing brand had chosen Vishwak to implement enterprise mobility for their organization.


- Maintain your existing software applications, infrastructure; providing cloud solutions; upgrade or enhance your applications, are other areas that Vishwak can add a lot of value to your operations and business.


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