Vishwak reduces Lotus Notes migration time by over 30% using Dell Migrator

Our client is one of the largest US Insurer group of homes, automobiles, and small businesses, providing insurance and financial services products. Vishwak through its parent company Anjana Software, adopted a proven approach to LNSP migration using the Dell Migrator to reduce migration time by more than 30% compared to native migration tools. 

Business Need

  • Client was running on IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 and needs migration to Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
  • Migration of applications based on standard Notes templates, as well as custom databases, workflows and templates


With Dell Migrator LNSP, Vishwak, a Microsoft Certified SharePoint partner, was able to successfully migrate hundreds of Notes Templates and Apps. This included classifying, archiving and redeployment of a rationalized portfolio of business applications to SharePoint.  All this was achieved seamlessly, with no unplanned interruption to business.

Migration Approach

Our client had deployed a comprehensive Lotus Notes solution, comprising applications built on standard Notes templates as well as custom templates.

Engineers from Vishwak’s team approached the migration task with the following objectives:

(     (a) Discover and classify applications:  This helps rationalize the business applications that are to be migrated, and those which need to be archived for record and audit purposes.

(     (b) Migration of applications using standard Notes template:  This phase enables the migration of our client’s business applications that are based on the standard Lotus Notes Templates. 

The Dell Migrator was used to migrate email, calendar, and document repositories.

(     (c) Migration of applications using non-standard Notes templates:  This phase enables the migration of their Business applications that are based on non-standard Lotus Notes Templates. 

This was one of the most challenging aspects of the migration, since even with a migration tool like Dell Migrator, the business rules do not permit a straightforward migration. 

Vishwak used the Nintex workflow solution, a third party custom add-on to SharePoint, to create workflows for such non-templatized business applications.


Seamless migration in under 7 months, with no unplanned disruption to business!

This 3rd largest US insurance firm engaged Vishwak’s team to perform the migration, and to provide project management, design, architecture, implementation and fine tuning throughout.

Dell Software’s migration solution ensured that our client’s migration was a success, with deliveries on time and budget.  “Migrator for Notes to Exchange helped us to migrate all users without a hassle, and more importantly, without any unplanned downtime,” said our client representative.

Our client is realizing significant time savings as a result of using the Dell solution. “We migrated our Notes Databases, Apps and Workflow along with data using Migrator for Notes to SharePoint.  This was much faster and less painful than using custom built tools,” explains their representative. 

Technical Approach

The two most important aspects to consider for any Lotus Notes to SharePoint (LNSP) migration are:

      (a) The migration tool: One of the popular and highly recommended tools is the Dell Migrator.

The Dell Migrator for LotusNotes to SharePoint migrate Lotus Notes, QuickPlaceQuickr and Domino.Doc applications to SharePoint 20102013, Office 365® and other hosted SharePoint environments, with high data fidelity, minimal downtime and fewer development resources.

 It helps reduce the risks of data loss and a failed project with a detailed pre-migration analysis, allowing enterprises to stay in command of the transition all throughout. With an intuitive management console, complex applications are migrated quickly and seamlessly at minimal costs and timeframes. 


(     (b) The migration approach:  Need to adopt a proven and highly effective approach to migration, which enables both custom Notes applications built on non-standard templates, and standard notes applications to be migrated.


The migration approach comprises of four distinct phases:

 (i)            database migration using the migration tool,

 (ii)           validation

 (iii)          user acceptance test, and,

 (iv)          solution implementation/cutover


Vishwak implementation

The project was spearheaded by Vishwak Solutions Inc. through its parent company Anjana Software Solutions, Inc., who brings almost 2 decades of experience and an enviable track record in delivering business critical applications. With a comprehensive knowledgebase on the insurance vertical, Vishwak was uniquely positioned to not just meet but exceed our client’s expectations. 

Vishwak Solutions had a balanced mix of industry expertise, and solution delivery capabilities, and combined it with a judicious choice of migration tool (Dell Migrator) to ensure that the migration process was seamless, and successful.

Dell Migrator for Notes and Vishwak have been an ideal combination that helped us achieve the migration seamlessly. This combination helped migrate the numerous Notes Databases, Apps and templates we had as quickly and painlessly as possible, without any cost and schedule overruns. It was critical to meet the time deadline; with careful planning, and the use of right tools, we could achieve the business objectives.

- Client representative

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