Mobile app development using Parse API (Mobile Backend Solution Integrator)

Developing social media apps require huge data storage at the backend.  Parse API comes handy since this issue can be resolved, with significantly low investment.  Also this removes the concerns of customers so as not to worry about server maintenance.  Vishwak has been providing support to its customers globally through its Parse app development expertise for some time now.
By using Parse, customers have the advantage of having a single backend for all mobile operating system like iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.  Hence with a ready to use framework made available for leading mobile operating systems, the process of developing a social app becomes a lot easier today.
Most apps these days require social media integrations and push notifications. These features being an important ones in Parse, make it the most preferable app development platform.
Vishwak has built feature rich social media apps for its customers who went successfully live using Parse app development.  This also eliminated the pain point of customer not requiring to depend on the database server for storing the data.
Vishwak can create variety of apps across different categories such as social networking apps, apps for health and fitness, lifestyle, music, photo and video sharing, e-commerce, travel, utility, and many others. 

Why go for Parse API with mobile app development?

  • One backend to create mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 10
  • Parse enables customers to create API’s and hence you do not need any servers
  • Creating, scheduling and segmenting push notifications becomes easier with Parse
  • Parse API enable us to update content via background thread
  • Parse API enable us to read the data via JSON format and easy to integrate with any mobile app

Vishwak has been working on Parse since its launch and has a dedicated mobile app team and expertise, to develop feature rich mobile apps using Parse.  Vishwak’s mobile app developers are ready to execute your app idea into a great looking, feature rich app, using Parse.

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