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I began working with Vishwak in February of 2012. I was more than 1 year into attempting to have an online application developed for my company. The project was loaded with very difficult modules because of the unusual business model and the need to operate multiple store locations from the application.

At the time I located Vishwak, I had already worked with 2 other development companies with little success. The difficulty of the application requirements was simple too much for these companies to handle. They both eventually gave up in frustration which, of course, left me with a partially developed application that was totally unusable.

Vishwak began working on my project and showed great professionalism from the first week. That approach has not changed in the 9 months they’ve been working for me. They tackled this difficult job and exceeded my expectations. My online application went live on the web on September 1, 2012. Vishwak has been relentless in debugging the application and has always shown their desire to make me happy.

I will continue my relationship with Vishwak and will use them exclusively for all of my web application needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing the services they provide.

– S.A. Franklin, CEO, American Dream Vacations

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