Property Inspection Blackberry App

Vishwak Solutions developed this Blackberry App for a firm based in Great Lakes Region of United States. The Blackberry Mobile Application for ActMay Properties (name changed on client request) is for capturing data from  property job inspections. It is for their agent(s) on the move to be used on their Blackberry devices with GPS location information being tagged. Agent goes to particular address based on his Geo location. The application prompts the agents to ask questions to the user and stores the feedback from user. The application allows the agents to capture the photo of the property and upload to server with time and geo stamping. This application facilitates the Actmay Properties to validate their customer enquiries and feedback in a seamless easy to use process.

The App was written using Blackberry SDK 5.0 in Java and optimized for all recent Blackberry touch devices.

Blackberry App for Property InspectionBlackberry App for Property Inspection

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