HelloFM goes with Vishwak Portal Framework


HelloFM, a popular Radio FM service in Chennai and other cities in India has selected Vishwak Solutions as their web partner. Vishwak will use its flagship portal framework “VPF” for designing and developing HelloFM’s multimedia portal. The soon to be launched portal will feature high interactivity including forums, contests, programme schedules and RJ blogs all delivered through Web 2.0 technologies. Vishwak believes VPF was selected over other Web CMS solutions, scoring high for its Media specific features, robustness and fastest time of deployment.
(Seen above Mr.Rajeev Nambiar, President & CEO of Hello FM and
Mr.T.N.C.Venkata Rangan, CMD of Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)�
Hello FM is a part of Malar Publications Limited (Malai Malar Daily). Vishwak Solutions is a pioneer in building holistic portal solutions and delivering them to a range of devices including desktops and mobiles. With offices in Chennai (India) and Redmond (WA) Vishwak practices a complete Portal Life Cycle approach.

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