Vishwak develops a RFID Asset Tracking Solution for a Malaysian Retailer

This week Vishwak shipped a RFID based Asset Tracking Solution for a Malaysian Retailer.  This RFID based Asset Tracking solution combines the capabilities of asset management and asset monitoring (through RFID tags) in a single application. A dynamic graphical view of the exact location of the tagged assets is rendered and helps in real-time asset tracking. This application constantly monitors feeds from RFID readers connected to the local area network to process the signals from the readers and derive the details of tags in the reader’s range and their current activity.  Alerts are provided through an audible alarm whenever there is any change of activity in a tagged asset.  The audible alarm varies in pitch and intensity based on the type of asset and activity. This audible alarm coupled with a visual indication on the screen provides details of the asset and the activity that triggered the alarm. 

This solution improves the efficiency of workflows by providing real-time location details of resources and real-time alerts via audio alarms & visual indicators thus saving the time that would have been expended to track them manually. Critical assets are secured by real-time monitoring.   Also provided in this solution are administration utilities to capture the floor levels, readers, tagged assets map to specific readers and set alarm levels.  These administration utilities help in easier adaptation of the solution to various environments.  Reports and logs available in this solution provide information on asset movement, assets mapped to a reader, alarms raised in a time interval etc. 

Apart from retail outlets this solution can be used in Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, Libraries, Schools & Universities, Museums, Hospitals etc. wherever there is a need for real-time asset tracking and management. 

RFID Screenshot

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