Why is content management critical in online retail?

Online retail has made a deep impact on the purchase behaviour of consumers. Today, most consumers when intending to purchase a product ask themselves: “can we purchase this online…?”

Here’s where content is key: Rich, up to date content is proven to increase return visits to websites by as much as 20%.

If in-store ambience and shopping experience is important to a brick and mortar retail store, engaging content and a hassle-free transaction experience are its counterparts in an online retail scenario. Potential online shoppers need to be engaged with rich and dynamic content about the products they are looking for, and must be guaranteed of a robust ‘shopping cart’ experience if they are to return back for more…!



How can an online retail portal be set up to achieve these objectives?

The answer is – through a robust Content Management System (CMS).

Content management systems represent the new breed of applications that enable a user with no technical background to manage content in their websites. Simply put, a content management system enables a user to add, modify or delete content in a website, without the need for writing any HTML/CSS code. Content management systems also have the ability to deliver content to the website, which in this context, is web store.

CMS were initially targeted towards the blogging community, and had a limited feature set. They have however really evolved in capability, and now boast of a whole list of features that can help an online retailer set up and run his store in no time. Content management systems are available both as licensed software applications, as well as open source solutions.


What makes a CMS the best approach to setting up an e-commerce site?

CMSs provide themes/templates for creating the look and feel of choice for the website. For a novice user, a ready to use, search engine friendly template drastically reduces the time required to build their website. Tech-savvy users will not be left behind though: most CMSs also provide the functionality to use custom themed websites.

CMSs provide plugins/modules to incorporate advanced functionality. Want your user to search within your site using a search tool? Want to sell advertising space in your website with ad-agencies? Integrate the website with Social Media? These are some of the capabilities that these plugins provide, and a lot more.

CMSs facilitate advanced business functionality too. Want to integrate with the most preferred payment options that consumers opt for? Want to integrate your website with a CRM/Shipping and inventory management system? CMS becomes a key link in the chain.

Data: they reveal a lot! All CMSs offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Where do visitors to the website spend most time on? How many are returning visitors? What products attract the most traffic? How can I engage with a visitor on a personalized way? These questions are answered by the analytics/reporting features of the CMS.

The importance of a robust CMS cannot be underestimated, because it is the CMS and its effective usage that determines what a visitor’s online shopping experience is.

Based on what technology and platform that you wish to use, we have recommended eCommerce platforms like Magento, and if it’s Microsoft solution then a Sitecore Commerce Server.


About Vishwak

Vishwak Solutions is a pioneer in developing robust software solutions for online retail, insurance and travel services domains. We believe in making best use of technology to deliver business solutions that are robust, scalable and cost effective, with quicker time to market.

Vishwak has a deep expertise in CMS, in both proprietary and open source platforms. Our capabilities in the retail domain are further augmented by deep expertise in Microsoft technologies (SharePoint), and being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, giving us the flexibility to handle end-to-end solution requirements in the retail domain.

Vishwak is headquartered in Seattle, with global delivery units located in Los Angeles and Chennai, India.

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