Why Vishwak?

Vishwak’s strengths are built upon three pillars:

Solution design philosophy:  No two businesses, even within the same domain, are structured the same way.  Our solution design approach starts with first understanding our customers’ issues, before we present a solution to these issues.  Vishwak believes that technology must be aligned to business needs, not the other way around.

How does our customer benefit with this philosophy?  They get solutions that work,   solutions that are scalable, and solutions that are cost effective!

Vertical expertise:  Our resources are drawn from the focus verticals, and bring with them the necessary technology expertise to map business requirements with technology trends. 

The singular objective of Vishwak resources is always to offer technology solutions that address our customer’s unique business needs.

Bridging cultural differences: Our founders and key professionals have lived in the US and understand the sensitivities in communication and cultures while delivering your project.  Most enterprises fail in taking relationship long term as they do not provide importance to this aspect. 

We do not boast about our quality and delivery timelines, since we believe that without adhering to these basic hygiene factors, service providers may cease to exist!

Contact Us

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Tel: (425) 818 2181
Email: info@vishwak.com
Hotline: (206) 274 7546